For more than 15 years, we have integrated latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology into our human performance consulting.

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Dr. Suzanne Falla is a strong and compassionate Human & Organization Development Consultant focused on a mission to improve human potential and performance in both clinical and organizational settings through innovative and personalized scientific approaches.

Dr. Suzanne Falla - Human & Organization Development ConsultantAn experienced professional and entrepreneur, Dr. Falla has shared her talent for improving performance and quality of life, based on science and research, to a broad range of people, whether children and teenagers to global industry business and social leaders.

She believes that every human being carries with them a deep potential for learning, self-discovery and happiness and while her expertise and training is in science, engineering and medicine, she approaches her work with a solid balance between the brain and the mind, the heart and the spirit. Born in Iran, educated in Europe, and now practicing in the US, Dr. Falla’s direct experience building and running a business, developing new neuroscientific protocols and treatments, serving as a senior administrator at a large medical center in New York City, and consulting to corporations as part of their professional development programs gives her a unique view into the world of peak human performance. She is highly regarded for her lifelong commitment to quality of care, and her ability to create, develop, manage, measure and successfully complete programs that have changed the way people and organizations think about serving particularly those individuals challenged by anxiety, depression and mental illness. Families around the world have reached out to Dr. Falla to work with their high-potential, extraordinarily gifted children, forging relationships that have led to a vibrant practice based solely on recommendations – based on results.

Dr. Falla is an inspiring facilitator, gifted speaker and contributor to the ongoing evolution of what she calls “the art of neuroscience,” no coincidence since she and her husband, also a neuroscientist and her business partner (Brain Resource Center), appreciate and collect fine art while also enjoying the world’s great music and literature. Interested in the connection between the fine arts, music, dance, theatre, architecture, Dr. Falla believes human expression as well as enjoying time in nature, and taking time to meditate, are some of our greatest keys to happiness and joy.


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